The Army Cadet Force aims to inspire young people between 12 and 18 years old during their time as a Cadet to use UK army cadet training to develop themselves mentally and physically, to:

  • Challenging their limits.
  • Grow their abilities to go further in life.
  • Unlock their talents.
  • Shape their futures.

UK Army Cadet Training

The Army Cadet Force aims to develop young people of all abilities and backgrounds physically and mentally, to improve their self-confidence, teamwork, friendship, leadership, and community spirit through a wide range of fun and exciting activities as well as recognised vocational qualifications such as the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme and BTEC Diplomas.

The Army Cadet Force are not part of the recruiting process for the Armed Forces but do promote an understanding of what the Armed Forces’ roles and responsibilities are and help any cadet who expresses an interest in joining the Armed Forces as a recruit.

Cadet Adventurous Training

The national Cadet Centres for Adventurous Training (CCAT) are located close to the Snowdonia, Lake District and Yorkshire Dales National Parks. During Adventure training, Army Cadet Training offers cadets a complete range of nationally recognised novice, intermediate and advanced skills-based courses.

The training includes the disciplines of mountaineering, including climbing, paddle sports, caving, and mountain biking.

The Cadets have a partner centre located in the Bavarian Alps, Germany, which delivers a range of summer alpine activities including Via Ferrata, trekking and rafting, and skiing during the winter.

Cadet training also offers national governing body sub aqua, sailing, gliding, and parachuting awards and qualifications in conjunction with UK and overseas partners.

Army Cadet Fieldcraft

Fieldcraft is one of the most popular cadet activities in the Army Cadets. Fieldcraft and Military Knowledge are subjects almost unique to the Army Cadets.

You will start by learning the basics of personal camouflage and how to move as an individual in the field, then go on to learn how to work together as a section in the field, before eventually commanding your own section.

Working as a team to patrol an area at night and deal with a mock ambush situation is one of the most exciting exercises you will experience.

Fieldcraft is taught throughout the year but during annual camp you will get to live out in the field over several days. Working as a team to patrol an area at night and deal with a mock ambush is one of the most exciting exercises that you will experience during your cadet training.

Teamwork and communication are both skills developed in fieldcraft exercises that are readily transferable to everyday life.