During phase 1 training, no matter whether it be RAF Halton, ITC Catterick, HMS Raleigh and many more. Most have never touched an iron before. Many people burn their uniform when they start off. This can cause much unneeded stress during your time at basic training.

Poor irons that are cheap or old can have a tendency to burn your clothing. During training you are judged heavily by instructor upon your presentation, so this is the last thing you want.

We decided to pick the reputable Russell Hobbs One temperature for a number of reasons;

Russell Hobbs describes its 25090 One Temperature Iron “the future of ironing”. As its name suggests, this iron has only one optimum heat that’s safe to use on all fabrics from silk to denim, making ironing easy, effortless and reducing the chances of ruining your military kit.

The Russell Hobbs steam iron is perfect for your barracks due to its beneficially long 3m cable. Finding a plug socket can be a bit of a struggle for recruits so it is vital to have a long cable to reach power points and have an efficient area to carry out ironing tasks.

This iron also produces a great amount of steam, helping to make the task that bit easier. Take a look at our blog post on tips for ironing here (link).

The iron also has an auto shut off function, so when you get distracted by the 110 other tasks you are trying to work through, you can rest assured you won’t burn all the way through your military clothing.

We think the Russell Hobbs Steam iron is a great buy and more importantly perfect for any new recruit. Russell Hobbs retail it at £59.99.

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