This article provides a list of Royal Navy Training Bases, where you will conduct your Royal Navy training:

HMS Collingwood (Fareham, Hampshire)

HMS Collingwood is the Royal Navy’s largest training establishment. It is the headquarters of the Maritime Warfare School and Surface Stream which also has  units in Excellent, Longmoor, Temeraire, Horsea Island and Raleigh, delivering training in Warfare, Weapon Engineering, Diving, Physical Training, Chemical Biological Radiation Nuclear and Damage Control, Sea Survival, Seamanship and Military skills.

HMS Collingwood is home to the:

  • Maritime Warfare School
  • Victory Squadron
  • Defence Driving School

HMS Dartmouth (Britannia Royal Naval College, Dartmouth, Devon)

Britannia Royal Naval College (BRNC), commonly known simply as Dartmouth, is the initial officer training establishment of the Royal Navy, located on a hill overlooking Dartmouth.

HMS Dartmouth has been at the forefront of the education and development of world-class Naval Officers in Dartmouth since 1863.

The College’s provides Initial Officer Training, enduring leadership training, and support to Defence Diplomacy outputs through the training of International officers.

Today, officer cadets, as they are known until passing out from the college, can join between the ages of 18 and 32. While most cadets join BRNC after finishing university, some still join directly from school. All spend between 28 and 49 weeks at the college, depending on specialisation. There is a large contingent of foreign and Commonwealth students. The Royal Fleet Auxiliary sends its officer cadets to BRNC for an 8-week initial officer training course, before they start at a maritime college.

Slightly removed from the main buildings is Sand Quay, which is situated below the college on the River. It is primarily used for seamanship and boat handling training.

BRNC also includes Hindostan which is the permanently moored static training vessel was formerly HMS Cromer, a Sandown class mine hunter.

HMS Excellent (Whale Island, Portsmouth)

HMS Excellent is home to the Naval Headquarters and front-line training units. Based on Whale Island in Portsmouth Harbour, it successfully blends heritage and history with a modern and progressive outlook. HMS Excellent is a unique shore establishment which has its roots in more 100 years of naval history.

It is home to the modern Navy Command Headquarters in Leach Building, plus training sites that prepare personnel for life at sea or deployed operations, such as the Defence Diving School, HMS Bristol and the Phoenix Damage Repair Instructional Unit.

HMS Raleigh (Torpoint, Cornwall)

HMS Raleigh is the largest Royal Navy training establishment in the South West. It consists of a 239-acre main site, a maritime training centre on the River Lynher, and satellite bases for leadership and team-working exercises on Dartmoor and the Rame peninsular.

The schools on site provide a broad spectrum of training, ranging from the Submarine School, to Damage Control and Board & Search, which also train members of the Royal Marines, Royal Fleet Auxiliary and the Royal Navy Reserve.

On a typical day there are around 2,200 people on site.

The schools at HMS Raleigh are:

  • Defence Maritime Logisitics School
  • Military Training Unit
  • Board and Search Training School
  • Royal Navy Submarine School
  • Royal Navy School of Seamanship
  • School of Maritime Survival

More information on the schools as HMS Raleigh can be found HMS Raleigh:

HMS Brecon was built at Vosper Thornycroft, the lead yard for the Hunt class. Brecon was launched by the Duchess of Kent and commissioned on 18 December 1979 and saw service in the aftermath of the Falklands War (1982) and the Gulf War of 1991.

In February 2008, Brecon was taken in hand for use as a static training ship at Jupiter Point HMS Raleigh, where she is utilised to provide new recruits with their first taste of life aboard a Royal Navy ship

HMS Sultan (Gosport, Hampshire)

HMS Sultan is the home of Defence School of Marine Engineering (DSMarE) and the Royal Naval Air Engineering and Survival School (RNAESS).

The primary function for HMS Sultan is to supply the Fleet with engineering Officers and Ratings of the highest standard.

HMS Sultan (Gosport, Hampshire) is home to

  • RN Air Engineering and Survival School
  • Defence School of Marine Engineering
  • Nuclear Department

HMS Temeraire (Directorate of Naval Physical Training and Sport (DNPTS), Portsmouth)

The current HMS Temeraire is located on Burnaby Road in Portsmouth. The establishment is home to the Director of Naval Physical Development (DNPD), and is to the college for RN Sport, Adventurous and Physical Education (inc Executive Health).

Under the banner of promoting a healthy lifestyle, HMS Temeraire’s first rate fitness facilities allow Service and permitted civilian personnel to train towards fulfilling their goals.

HMS Temeraire boasts competition grade squash courts, a 33-metre swimming pool, a comprehensive cardiovascular suite, 2 gymnasiums, (marked for Netball, Basketball, volleyball and badminton) and an outdoor tennis court. Free access is available to all Service personnel and their dependants. User passes are available to Ministry of Defence staff and pensionable ex service personnel at a nominal cost.

Royal Navy Training Bases

During your time in the Royal Navy you are likely to attend many of these Royal Navy Training Bases, but before you start your specialised Royal Navy training you must complete your initial Royal Navy training at  HMS Raleigh.

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