Your Royal Navy training is made up of two phases: Royal Navy Basic Training and Royal Navy Professional Training. Royal Navy Basic Training takes place at HMS Raleigh and lasts for 10 weeks.

The Royal Navy Basic Training consists of both physical and mental tests, whilst giving you a taste of what being in the Royal Navy is like.

The second phase of Royal Navy Training will be specific to your career in the Royal Navy. The length of the Royal Navy Professional Training depends on the branch and role of the Royal Navy Recruit.

Royal Navy Basic Training Physical Condition

To get off to a good start in your Royal Navy Basic Training you should be in the best physical condition. To hit the ground running when you start your training, you need to be in the best possible physical condition.

Life in the Royal navy Service is varied and wide-ranging and therefore requires a good level of physical fitness. You don’t have to be an Olympic champion to join the Navy in fact, many of the recruits are already fit enough, while others may simply need to do a little training.

Royal Navy offers three Fitness Plans to make sure that you are in the best possible shape and help you prepare for the rigours of Royal Navy Basic Training. Link to

  • Beginner: If you are not currently training or have been training for less than two months
  • Intermediate; If you are currently training or have been training for somewhere between 2-6 months
  • Advanced: If you have been training frequently for over a year, and for more than 3-4 times a week

There will also be a swimming test during Royal Navy Basic Training, so if you cannot swim at the time of applying to the Royal Navy then make sure you learn by the time you join.

Royal Navy Basic Training HMS Raleigh

Your Royal Navy career begins with a 10 week basic training course at HMS Raleigh.  HMS Raleigh is a shore based facility, spread over several square, miles near Torpoint in Cornwall, as well as a permanently moored training ship, the former HMS Brecon.

At HMS Raleigh, you will learn discipline, teamwork, organisational, firefighting and weapon handling skills that will be used throughout you career in e the Royal Navy.

You will be taught the fundamentals of life in the Royal Navy, including some basic ceremonial duties and drills. Then you will progress to more advanced seamanship training, study navigational theory, complete weapons drills and tackle obstacle courses.

Roles and Specialisations

There are many roles and specialization available in the Royal Navy and it is best to choose a role in a branch and service that interests you. After this you will be able to specialise even further, gaining a range of unique skills through world-class training available in the Royal Navy.

There are two distinct routes evels of entry into the Royal Navy. You can either join as an officer, or as a rating.

Initial Royal Navy Basic Training Kit

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