What to bring to RAF Basic Training – non clothing

by | Nov 20, 2019 | Supply Drop |

Heading off to RAF Halton Air Force Basic Training for 10 weeks is stressful enough, without being prepared for it will be even worse. In this article, we describe what non-clothing items are in your raf prtc (BRTC) kit list.

This article concerns the non-clothing that you will require. At Supply Drop we can supply the items you need at an exceptional price.

Note that this article does not include the paperwork items that you need. This will be covered in an addition article.

Only Bring What You Need

A good idea is to split the items into two packs as they probably will not fit into one pack, and just in case you need to lug them up four flights of stairs when you arrive at RAF Halton

This is the raf prtc kit list:

Swimming goggles and swimming cap (hats may be purchased at RAF Halton swimming pool for £1)

Slippers or flip flops (accommodation and washing facilities are communal)

Coat or jacket (appropriate for the time of year)

Sew-on name tags (5cm x 1.5 cm – blank)

Foot powder (‘mycota’ or similar)

Large towel, hand towel and face cloth

Small packet of various sized plasters

Wooden shirt hangers

Trouser/skirt hangers (clamp style – must be fully adjustable)

Letter writing material and stamps (Optional)

A4 note pad (lined) for studying purposes

Biros (black) and pencils

Highlighter pens

Spare pair of spectacles / contact lenses

Black indelible marker (thin nib)

Soft yellow dusters (good quality for polishing shoes)

‘Kiwi’ black shoe polish – large and small tins

Ironing board

Good quality steam iron

Clothes brush, scrubbing brush and lint roller

Shoe/boot brushes

Pressing cloth (non-fluffy tea towel or large, white handkerchief or a pillow case)

Sewing Kit (including 3 needles and reels of button thread –  black, dark green, white and light blue)

Washing powder/liquid and stain remover (e.g ‘Shout’, ‘Vanish’)

Washing machine delicates/underwear bag

Plastic spray water bottle (household type, to aid ironing)

Plastic sealable food bags (various sizes)

Head torch (basic LED variety)

Wet/baby wipes

Inexpensive digital watch (preferably waterproof/shatterproof)

10mm/20mm plastic stencils

Small day/rucksack or similar (desirable)

Alarm clock (battery – not mains powered)

Note that this is not the official kit list and you should refer to their joining instructions as the kit list is subject to change..

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