Be prepared for long days at RAF Halton for your basic training. Expect to wake at 5am and finish around 11pm every day after preparing kit for RAF kit inspections every morning from your flight staff.

The preparations will include ironing uniform and polishing boots, ironing your bed sheets and making your bed in a specific way with hospital corners.

Ironing will form a large part of your day so it is a very good idea to be practicing ironing for the month before you join RAF BRTC training. You must learn to get good AND fast at ironing before you start ironing your RAF kit..

During training you will receive your blues and greens, and eventually your number ones. In your blues you will have a few shirts and trousers.

Do I Have To bring An Iron And Ironing Board?

You do have to take your own iron and ironing board as part of your basic kit to RAF Halton basic training.

Also, take a good iron and ironing board. We recommend buy this Russell Hobbs steam iron. It is not cheap but it will produce good results.

Any powerful iron that produces lots of continuous steam and a ironing board with a good soft surface will help you during training.

Tips for Your Ironing Your RAF Kit


Use a steam iron and press the trouser through a tea towel, this ensures the trousers do not turn shiny at the creases. When ironing your trousers, make sure you go over the same creases, so you do not create new ones so that it forms ‘tram lines’.


These only need to be worn with the No. 1 uniform for females. They need to be pressed flat with no creases.

With regards to trousers and skirts. You have a number 1 set for trousers and skirts. These will need to be looked after so use a pressing cloth (we provide these in our packs). Both men and females do also have other sets of trousers and skirts they wear not just number 1’s.


The shirt needs to be ironed flat but with creases down the top and bottom of the sleeves.


Before wearing your jumper you may need to cut off any lose threads.

To iron the jumper you need to turn the temperature down on your iron (the irons that we sell are a one temperature iron so they adjust accordingly) and lightly run over it the jumpers surface to remove any bad creases. Iron the epaulettes normally.

During the summer (May/June to October) no jumper is worn unless told otherwise.


The brassard will need to be iron so there are no creases, but the temperate will need to be turned down on your iron so that it doesn’t melt.

Greens uniform

All uniform needs to be ironed, with greens the trousers, jacket and shirt all need to be ironed as best you can. The trousers do not have creases in.

Our Ironing Package

Please take a look at our Ironing Package consisting of

  • Beldray Ironing Board
  • Spray Bottle
  • Russel Hobbs One Temperature Steam Iron 2600W
  • Minky Pressing Cloth

This package will make your time at RAF basic training go a lot smoother.