At every RAF Initial Training course, there are a certain percentage of recruits who do not achieve the desired results and fail to graduate. Many of those who fail will end up re-taking RAF phase 1 training.

Basic training is hard with 10 weeks of rigorous mental and physical stress. For example, recruits have to wait for permission to eat or go to the toilet.

But  with the proper preparation, you can handle basic training. Here we look at the major reasons why recruits fail RAF Basic Training.

Lack of Mental Preparation for RAF Initial Training

Lack of mental preparation is the main reason why recruits fail RAF basic training, rather than lack of physical preparation.

Prepare yourself for wake up at 5am in the morning, perform road marches and scrubbing the barracks floor.

Clear your mind and be focused on the single goal which is graduating from RAF basic training.

Too Easily Intimidated

Often recruits think that they are too tough to be scared of the drill sergeants.

Often, these recruits are the first ones to crack as the drill sergeant tries to break the civilian habits down, and build you up into an intimidating fighting force in just 10 weeks.

Lack of Personal Drive

Did you join the RAF because you love your country, because of the education and training benefits, or because you needed more structure in your life?

Write down the number one reason why you have joined the RAF, keep it with you during RAF basic training and refer to it whenever you need a morale booster during the bad times at RAF BRTC

Lack of Physical Preparation

Sometimes RAF recruits think that they are fit enough for basic training because they spent several months before joining initial training going to the gym.

Unfortunately, you won’t see a gym at RAF basic training. The workouts you do at RAF Basic training are specifically designed to strengthen the core muscle groups to prepare your muscles for combat situations.

You Refuse to be Helped

Everyone will need someone else help at some time to make it through basic training. You must be the type of person to offer and accept help when needed.

Many recruits try to act tough and not admit that they need help, or are too afraid to ask other recruits if they need help. You must be a team player to succeed in the RAF.

RAF Basic Training Kit

One way that you can be prepared for RAF Initial Training, and reduce the early stress, is to purchase the correct kit before you arrive at RAF Halton.

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