Paperwork is boring but you must bring the appropriate paperwork, as well as your kit, to RAF Halton Basic Training.

Arrival day will be very busy and nearly everyone is nervous. During this day you will have to do plenty of paper work to do, so make sure that you come prepared.

Also, during your first week at  RAF Halton Basic Training you will need to check a lot of your documentation to ensure that you are correctly inducted into the RAF. It will make life easier if you can bring as much as possible of this documentation with you so please bring the following documents (and a photocopy of each if possible):

1             Birth Certificate

2             National Insurance Card (If held)

3             Passport (If held)

4             Visa -Foreign and Commonwealth members only

5             Full contact address and telephone numbers of immediate family (In cases of an emergency)

6             Town and Country of Parents’ birth

7             Passport Photos x 4

8             NHS Card (If you do not have an NHS card, speak to your local NHS General Practitioner (GP))

9             Bank Details       You must arrive at Hal?t having opened a UK Bank Account. Details required include Account number, Sort code, Name of Bank, Address of Bank

10           Marriage certificate (If you are married)

11           Birth certificate of children (If you have any)

12           Driving Licence (If held)

13           P45 (If applicable – must be dated within 8 weeks of arrival date at RAF Halton)

14           European Health Insurance Card. You can apply online at  or call 0845 606 2030.  You can also ask for a form from your local post office

15           Any civilian qualification certificates

16           Any legal orders relating to divorce, custody, change of name etc

17           Details of any pending court cases

18           A list of home addresses for the past 5 years and the date of birth of your parents/step parents or guardians.   Required for security vetting and Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) check.

19           Addresses and names of any employers from the past 5 years (if applicable). Required for security check.