The Royal Air Force has set up a RAF fitness programme so that you are ready for the two fitness tests in your RAF Application process, and for the start of your Phase One training course.

The 12-week fitness programme, will will help you get up to a minimum level of fitness ready for the application process. However, it is advisable to aim to get your fitness above this level if possible, as it will be of serious benefit as you begin your training

This programme offers training advice to individuals of all fitness levels, whether you are starting from scratch or a regular exerciser.

Initial self-assessment results

Your starting point will depend on your initial self-assessment results.

The programme starts gradually and slowly increases in intensity and duration, whilst your rest will decrease the further you progress.

It is up to you to do as much of the programme as you want to. The programme is progressive in nature, so start at the most suitable point for your current level of fitness. If you need to repeat a week then it is fine for you to do so. Until you can meet the target number of repetitions within a training week it is recommended that you do not progress onto the following week. 

Getting Started for the RAF Fitness Programme

Whether you run, jog or walk will depend on your initial levels of fitness.

If you find the running or jogging too difficult then follow a walk/jog programme. (E.g. 1 min walk, 2 min jog).

If this is too hard then walk for the full duration, increasing speed each week until a jog is achieved and maintained.

RAF Fitness Programme and training Intensity

Throughout the fitness programme, you will see references to exercising at ‘low’, ‘moderate’  and ‘high’  intensity. This is to ensure a gradual progression in your training.

  • Low: Can breathe normally and hold a conversation.
  • Moderate: Breathing has increased but can still talk relatively comfortably
  • High: Heavier breathing, sweating, hard to hold a conversation

Low Impact Aerobic Exercise

One of the key components of this fitness programme is ‘low impact cardiovascular exercise’.This means fitness building exercises that don’t put too much stress on your joints.These include:

  • Cycling or Spinning
  • Swimming
  • Rowing
  • Cross-trainer
  • Walking

Your fitness programme starting point will depend on your fitness self-assessment check. Once you have taken your initial fitness self-assessment  you  should  find  the  level  that  most  closely  matches  your  scores  and  start  at  the beginning of that week.

Full details of the RAF fitness programme can be found here.