Navy Package


The Navy Package holds all the essential items required in the Royal Navy kit list. This pack is built around the HMS Raleigh Kit list, containing 30 different products made up of 50+ items required  for basic training. At an unbeatable price.

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Contents (50+ items)

Soap Dish
Hair Brush
Nail Brush
Nail Clipper Set
Wooden Shirt Hangers (10)
Black Biro Pens (2)
Pencils (2)
Military Grade Polishing Cloth
Multi-Colour Highlighter
Clothes Brush
Scrubbing Brush
Lint Roller
Sewing Kit Bundle (40 Piece)
Multi-Sized Waterproof Plasters (16 Piece)
Compeed Blister Pack (5 Piece)
Baths Towels (3)
Hand Towels (2)
Face Towels/Flannels (2)
25mm Lock with 3 Spare Keys, Under 1 Inch in Size (3)
Mycota Foot Powder
A4 Lined Notepad
Sharpie Pen
Yellow Dusters (4)
Cotton Wool Balls
Russel Hobbs One Temperature Steam Iron 2600w
Kiwi Black Shoe Polish 50ml
Kiwi Brown (Dark Tan) Polish 50ml
Kiwi Black Shoe Polish 100ml
Brown Horse Hair Boot Brush
Black Horse Hair Boot Brush
Brown Horse Hair Applicator
Black Horse Hair Applicator
Minky Ironing Pressing Cloth
Easy Washing powder
Brasso Wadding Type
Zinc Oxide Tape
White Laundry Pen



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