Essentials Package


The Essentials Package contains items from the British military’s training kit list which aren’t found In your everyday household and are necessary for basic training.


Contents (38 Items)

Swimming Goggles
Swimming Cap
Head Torch with Red Filter
Combination Locks (6)
Box File
Pencils (2)
Multi-Colour Highlighter
Sharpie Pen
Whiteboard Marker
Sewing Kit Bundle (40 Piece)
A4 Lined Notepad
Rite In The Rain Waterproof Notepad
Foam Roller
Battery Operated Alarm Clock
Stencil Set
Vacuum Bags (6)
Sealable Bags (6)
Black Pens (2)
Trouser Twists (Pairs) (2)
Iron/Sew on Name Tags (10)