After 20 years of the same British military fitness test, the Army has decided to update its methods. The New Army Physical Fitness Test began in 2019, and they have named the new programme the In Service Physical Employment Standards (PES). It was created to be measureable, fair, objective and gender equal to ensure recruits can meet and maintain the physical standards of being a combat soldier.

About the Standards

The Physical Employment Standards are objective, role-related, age and gender-free physical fitness standards.

The standards are incorporated within a structured suite of Army Role Fitness Tests which provides progression from entry into Basic Training through to employment in the Field Army.

Physical Employment Standards (PES) ensure that Army personnel have the physical ability for their role so they can safely and satisfactorily complete essential tasks. Additionally, they help to reduce the risk of Muscular Skeletal Injury to both Service men and women.

New Army Physical Fitness Test

Tests will include casualty extraction from a vehicle, repeated lift, carry, fire and manoeuvre exercises. The tests are role related so will vary dependent on your position and career choice within the British Military. Under the new system soldiers will have to complete; a 4 kilometre march carrying 40kg’s of military kit in under 40 minutes, followed by 2 kilometre march, carrying 25kg’s of equipment in under 15 minutes. Then, a fire and move exercise to be completed in under 5 minutes. Followed by a 20m drag of 110kg weight. Soldiers will then have to carry two water cans weighing 22kg each of 240m in under 4 minutes, followed by lifting a 70kg weight and holding and maintaining it for three seconds. Last but not least, soldiers will to carry bags weighing 20kg, 20 times over a distance of 30m.

The new army fitness test isn’t designed to be easy and doesn’t care if you’re a man or a woman, purposely designed to select the physically fit for the British Military.