Supply Drop has been providing the regular in the armed services with the professional kit they need for many years and have now expanded their services to supplying training kit for the UK Cadets. Needless to say, we will aim to supply kit for UK cadets which is made to the highest of standards and at the best possible prices.

In the United Kingdom there are several Cadet Forces including:

  • Army Cadet Force
  • Air Training Corps
  • Sea Cadets
  • Combined Cadet Force

These forces form the UK Cadet Force and provide Cadets in the UK an opportunity to make new friends, learn valuable new skills and take part in activities that it would be hard to practice outside of an organisation.

You will not be on your own in the UK Cadets as there around 100,000 cadets in the Army, Air and Sea Cadets.

What kit for UK Cadets is Needed?

During your time in the cadets, you will need certain supplies and at, Supply Drop, we aim to stock all the essential equipment to ensure you have what it takes to succeed in the UK cadets including military kit, cadet clothing and boots.

One of the most important pieces of clothing the cadet and can wear is the correct type of boots. Supply Drop offers a superior range of cadet footwear.

On a fieldcraft exercise it will be useful to come prepared with the following kit:

  • DPM trousers
  • DPM Smock (Jacket)
  • A DPM shirt or dark coloured t-shirt, preferably green
  • Black hi-leg boots
  • A warm hat and gloves
  • Camouflage cream

What is Camouflage Cream?

Camouflage comes in tubes or compacts that you rub onto your face to help you with your concealment.

Camouflage cream should be applied with the objective to disrupt, or vary, your look. This could be using a tiger stripe look to make sure your entire face is covered, including your forehead, neckline and behind the ears. Be careful when applying around your eyes as cam cream contains insect repellent which can sting.

There are also some natural alternatives to camouflage cream like mud or wearing a balaclava.

Cadet Kit Parade Ground Tips

As well as being fully prepared for your UK Cadet training by purchasing the required items before you join the cadets, the team at Supply Drop can offer the following cadet parade ground tips that can help you make your way:

  • Always have a good breakfast before a long parade so that you keep your energy levels up and do not feel faint on a long parade.
  • Pay attention to the smallest details, such as making sure your buttons are the right way up. You may not notice but you can bet that someone else will.
  • Using a good quality furniture polish of on the peak of your hat will give it a nice shine.
  • Use plain shoe polish instead of parade gloss. It requires a bit more effort but it will give your boots a deeper shine.
  • Never leave your boots or shoes in direct sunlight, as they will degrade the shine. Store them in a cupboard or wardrobe keep them covered.
  • Run your boots or shoes under ice cold water and rubbing with cotton wool to remove any smears or oil left behind from polishing.
  • Put your boots on before your shirt to help prevent your shirt from creasing.
  • Never ever cut corners as it will always show up in the end.
  • Finally, never leave kit preparation until the last minute as you will forget something or making a mistake in packing.

Kit for UK Cadets Package

Our Cadet Package is the perfect starter-pack for someone who is joining the Cadet Forces. Containing big name brands such as; Kombat, Kiwi and Rite in Rain to ensure top quality and long-lasting durability. This pack is suitable for individuals joining the Air, Sea and Army Cadets.