The team at Supply Drop, who have all served in the UK Armed Forces are often asked what are essential items for Basic Training whether it is for the British Army, Royal Navy or RAF.

Some of the items on the list below may surprise you as it is not obvious that you will need them whilst other items will not only help you get through basic training – they are essential – like boot polish.

Note that the items sold by Supply Drop will not only help you through basic training, but they will also last the test of time and still be with you in years to come.

Items For Basic Training

Multi-Coloured Permanent Markers – 4 Pack £2.99

Four randomly assorted coloured permanent marker pens.

If you could bring only one item to boot camp, this would be it. You need a marker to initial and label everything you own. Having a marker with you will ensure that nothing you own accidentally turns up missing. You also will make a few friends because recruits who did not bring a marker with them will want to borrow yours.

Washing & Cleaning Package – £49.99

To make things easier for you, Supply Drop have put all the washing and cleaning items that you will need into one package.

The Washing & Cleaning Package contains all the preferred products needed to clean and maintain your military items of clothing.

  • Wooden Shirt Hangers (16)
  • Wooden Trouser/Skirt Hangers with Adjustable Clamps (5)
  • Washing Bag Kit (7 Piece)
  • Brasso Wadding Type
  • Scrubbing Brush
  • Washing Sponges (2)
  • Scouring Pads (2)
  • Easy Washing Powder
  • Vanish Stain Remover
  • Clothes Brush
  • Lint Roller
  • Yellow Dusters (4)

Kiwi Black Shoe Polish (100ml) – £4.99

Earlier we mentioned the importance of marker pens during your basic training to stop you losing things and getting into arguments.

However, without the best black shoe polish you will be getting into all sorts of problems with your superiors as the shine on your boots will be inspected everyday.

Black polish used on leather shoes to help shine, nourish and protect, whilst also increasing water resistance.

This shoe polish brand is specifically requested of recruits due to its strong reputation within the military.

Sewing Kit – £11.99

You may need to sew during training due to items of clothing becoming damaged, self maintenance and presentability is a important factor during training.

A travel sewing kit containing 100+ items; multiple colour assorted threads and useful sewing utensils available for any repair work where required.

Iron and Ironing Board

As important as the shine on your boots, the creases on you uniform will be monitored regularly and any slight imperfections will be noted. Therefore purchasing an iron and ironing board that are up to scratch before you start your UK armed forces basic training is vital.

Ironing is a daily task during training, it is important to have a good steam iron to make the gruelling task that bit easier.


The Tefal Maestro steam iron combines maximum performance with increased efficiency of use, featuring a 40g/ minimum steam output, for high efficiency ironing with an additional 150g/ minimum steam boost.

  • An extra-large ceramic sole plate for maximum coverage and easy gliding.
  • Anti-drip service.
  • Anti-scale function for long lasting service.
  • Multiple temperature control capabilities – low too high.
  • A large 270ml water reservoir to ensure you aren’t continuously filling up whilst ironing.
  • 2 year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Dimensions – H75 x W134 x D323mm


The Metaltex Kuma ironing board boasts a large ironing surface with adjustable height capabilities, featuring a stable metal iron stand for maximum efficiency and ease of use.

  • 10mm underlay felt
  • Variable height adjustment 69 – 84cm
  • Colour – Grey, White, Blue, Teal
  • Iron stand
  • Size – L110 x W34 x H84cm