The ever many benefits of being a cadet whichever service section you join (Royal Navy, Royal Marines, Army or Royal Air Force), you will quickly build important skills like teamwork, confidence and self-discipline, as well as having the opportunity to take on leadership roles.

The Cadets offers you a chance to get to know a wide-range of people and work together to take on new challenges.

Benefits Of Being a Cadet

This section outlines some of the key benefits in becoming a Cadet in the UK:

Develop New Skills

Becoming a member of the cadets you’ll have many opportunities to develop the kinds of skills, qualifications and personal qualities that can help you to reach much further in life – whether that’s going to college or university or starting your career.

Experience New Challenges

As a cadet, you get to take part in various fun, adventurous, competitive, challenging and electrifying activities such as fieldcraft, adventure training, first aid, music, various sports, kayaking, sailing, and shooting.

Make New Friends

You will make lots of new friends and get the opportunity to go to an annual camp where you will meet cadets from other detachments. You may even get to go on expeditions to amazing places around the world.

Develop Teamwork

You will learn a wide range of transferable skills such as the ability to command tasks; make decisions under pressure; plan and organize tasks and work as an effective team player as well as independently. These skills will equip you for life and add an extra string to your bow at times when competition for college places and employment is fierce.

Gain Qualifications

Through your cadet training, you can also gain valuable qualifications such as the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, BTEC Award in Teamwork and Personal Skills or Music or the ILM Certificate in Team Leading.

Build Confidence

No-one can be good at everything, but everyone can be good at something. Becoming a Cadet will help you to gain skills, tackle challenges and discover hidden talents and strengths.  They’ll also learn the value of perseverance and see just how much further they can stretch with a little encouragement.

Equal Opportunities

There’s no glass ceiling here and this is very much an equal opportunities environment on all fronts.  No-one cares how much money you have, or what background you come from, it’s all about the individual.

Very Little Costs Involved

Everything is either affordable or, even better, totally free.  Even the uniforms are free. You just pay for the footwear.

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