In 2018, Supply Drop was officially born. Set up by an Ex RAF Aircraft Maintenance Mechanic.

Who had experienced first-hand what it was like to purchase the extensive amount of items required for military basic training. Also experiencing the consequences when you don’t buy exactly the right brand or item!

We were determined to provide a tested, complete and correct kit package for basic training that can easily be bought all in one place, at the click of a button and for an unbeatable price.

Supply Drop is undoubtedly the only trusted supplier in the market to offer this solution and is a proven success with recruits, saving them the time, money and stress of having to find all the correct military kit.

Our Complete Package contains all the essential items required on the military basic training kit list sent out by the AFCO. Supply Drop also provides smaller broken down packages which all together equate to the Complete Package; Ironing Package, Essentials Package, Washing & Cleaning Package, Sanitary Package and the Boot Care Package.

For every Complete Package sold Supply Drop donates a proportion of the profits to recognised military linked charities. Supply Drop appreciates the value that serving personnel, reservists, veterans, animals and military families bring to our country.

Our mission is to be the No.1 supplier to the UK Armed Forces. Our passion is to give the men and women who serve our country the best possible service and products possible.

What’s next for Supply Drop?

As we grow our vision is to employ homeless veterans to be part of our team. Helping our heroes to find stability and start a new life with the Supply Drop family, our donations and the help that our business provides will also prosper, supporting the Armed Forces community in every way possible.